Embracing Technology

This is the final week of Embracing Technology, a show of innovative craft curated by Angela O'Kelly. If you're near Kilkenny, you can see it in the gallery of the Crafts Council of Ireland. Jenny Leary and Jo Angell, of Puff&Flock, have both installed work there.

Jo's Solar Sanctuary plays with the natural light flowing into the gallery:
Jenny covered a doorway with her interactive Magnetic Walls:
Another highlight of the show is the work by Tactility Factory. They have developed a unique method of intertwining concrete and velvet, which you can see in floor-to-ceiling panels. The women at Tactility Factory are working to integrate architecture and textiles:
Jill Phillips expresses politically-charged memories in the form of laser-etched images in her upholstery for bus benches:
Rachel Kelly shows how digital printing onto adhesive has advanced with her Interactive Wallpaper:

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