Best of Booths @ Unique LA

This post presents my favorite booths, in terms of style, at the Unique LA independent design & gift show.

The Craft Night Collective:
Their booth was a hub of activity. All decked out in baroque cardboard furnishings, the place was more of a pop-up shop and was very engrossing. Everywhere you looked, there was a strange product to wonder at. They were selling plush toys, handbound books, clothing, photographs, glittery handbags, and more. Amongst all that glorious jumble was a photo booth where you could stage a hot-air balloon ride picture. The people were really friendly, and for a moment, I thought that the Puff&Flock girls had somehow made it to LA and lost their British accents.
I'm hoping to write more about this crazy gang, but for now, you can check out Craft Night LA at http://www.craftnightla.com/.

Rock Scissor Paper:
Rock Scissor Paper has been designing and making greeting cards for nearly 20 years. They started in 1993 - the result of a natural entrepreneurial partnership by two creative sisters. I can imagine, from their cute circus-stlye booth (picture below) that their studio is a very fun place to be. About their funky look, the sisters say, "the bright color palette, bold typography and exuberant floral motifs of the 1960s and 70s forever remind us of our happy California upbringing and understandably saturate our design aesthetic."

Detroit Sprinkles:

The nice guys over at the Detroit Sprinkles booth print bizarre slogans on t-shirts and sweatshirts to outfit the cool kids of LA. They were great to chat with, and as we know from doing trade fairs ourselves, personality contributes tremendously to the "feel" of a booth. Their product and photoshoots embody a certain LA vibe. Check it out! http://www.detroitsprinkles.com

7 Lightningbolt:

I was surprised to see so many guys selling hand screen-printed goods. 7 Lightningbolt, like Detroit Sprinkles, have been designing for the LA scene and printing out of garages and studios around the city. Their booth had a special interactive features - a 4 screen press. All products were custom printed on location. Clever way to avoid overstock, and also educational for the shoppers. Great! See more at http://www.7lightningbolt.com/

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