Laerke Hooge Andersen - EDF Energy Exhibition Collaboration

I was posting earlier about Dana Haim, now meet her good friend she and I met on the same MA course in Central Saint Martins, Textile designer Laerke Hooge Anderson. There is something so precise, balanced, yet totally original and mad about Laerke's work, that is quite fascinating.
Her latest commissioned collaborative work, Herbarium Energy Project", is an answer to a brief about re-thinking energy. Totally faithful to her hybrid-obsessed very personal style, these poetic artefacts express their function in the most inspiring and intuitive way.
It was showcased in the Saint Etienne Biennale this year :

'Herbarium energy project' aims to research ways in which to capture energy, embodied in new forms, which are influenced by living forms, and which differentiate between the heat emitted by the sun as radiation, and the constant temperature of fresh soil.

The 'Herbarium energy project' is a research and development collaboration between Laerke Hooge Andersen and Franck Magne. It lists the fragments of the most notable hypothetical technological developments related to the collection of renewable forms of energy. Thermodynamic systems with optimized exchangers, concentric heliotropic photovoltaic cells, millimetric piezoelectric fibres: all these fragments become the language of technical cuttings which fulfill their function as energy collectors in a more sensitive and intuitive way.

Solar Trumpets :

The specific feature of this type of solar collector is that it has been developed partly underground. It is always at a cool temperature, which cools its photovoltaic cells and increases their efficiency. Light-concentrating ‘trumpets’ convey a maximum amount of solar energy to them underground, where they convert it into electricity, sheltered from external heat.

Photovoltaic Efflorescence

Thermal Parasitic Cesi

Spectral evaporators

Electric Rhizhomes

More of Laerke's work here

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