Futuristic Festivity: Radiant metallic snow

Seasonal cupcake containers are perfect - flatten them out and fold into sixths.

After cutting, unfold to see what you've produced. You can achieve 3D effect by bending the sides - the metallic foil holds its shape!

And thus, you have snow in Los Angeles. You can also use them to make sweet handcrafted cards to go along with your gifts, or simply give them as the gift itself. The process isn't very complex, and yet the outcome can be lovely and elaborate.


  1. Hey lovely, I should post mine from Copenhagen ... I love yours though, the paper is nicer ;)

  2. hi aurelie!
    yeah, i'd love to see them. are they ice fern shaped? here in LA we have to invent the look of snow. we don't have experience with the real form.

  3. hey hey I'll try to upload them soon! here you know we have so much snow that we look for inspiration somewhere else!!!