London's new Institute of Making

workshop image courtesy of the Kings College Materials Library

The King's College Materials Library has always been more than a collection. It is home to a group of three researchers who collectively and individually combine the disciplines of science, art and design. While their library is a gem to visit, they are notorious for holding all kinds of materials-related events, where they can connect with the wider public.

The Sound of Materials at the Tate Modern, for example, was a guided audio tour that described how pieces of art would sound, and the physics behind it all. They presented an evening called Flesh, at the Wellcome Collection, which was a multi-sensory presentation about fruits, meat, skin, and more.

Their broad scope means that they examine and present many aspects of one material that would ordinarily be separated by the boundaries between disciplines. That's why it's very exciting to hear that the Kings College Materials Library is expanding! Not only are they growing, they are evolving into the very proper Institute of Making, housed at Somerset House and set to open in autumn 2011. (Genius name, the Institute of Making, which seems to be a nod to the Institue of Materials, Minerals and Mining - a very old global organisation dedicated to material engineering).

Zoe Laughlin, curator of the project, says, "we look forward to hosting more events, exhibitions, workshops and all round materials extravaganza under the broader umbrella of our new project, whilst keeping the unique feel and approach of the Materials Library."

If you're reading this, we assume you have a materials obsession too. So, if you're in London, Zoe suggests that you sign up to their mailing list to find out about amazing upcoming materials events: http://www.instituteofmaking.org.uk/contact



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