Dana Haim : Memorial Quilt for Wielden Kennedy London

Dana Haim, textile designer, one of my fabulous former students (from when I used to teach at Central Saint Martins in the MA Textile Futures - and now friend) was commissionned by Wieden + Kennedy London to realize a quilted piece in commemoration of Martin Cole, an event planner who unfortunately passed last year. As a result, an amazing quilt, made from his personnal belongings and fabrics, colourful pompoms... It was a real honor and experience to see it for real and meet up with Dana the night of the opening at the W+K headquarters in Bricklane. A truely colourful and lively hommage to someone with a unique creative energy, who will be missed by many. You could feel the emotion in the air, and so much joy filled in the air, thanks to the power of colour... Here are a few pictures of the process and the fabulous result.

more work from Dana here

Martin "get it done" Cole


  1. Lovely work by Dana, and a touching memorial.

  2. What a stunning piece of work to come from such a sad story

  3. Oh wow, now this is what blogging is all about! I'm so glad I saw this; that is just beautiful - what a talent she is...