The Only Clothing that Shows Up

Cargo Collective invented a range of garments with metallic ink-prints that have a subversive function: sending a message to airport security. Shirts are printed with the text of the 4th Amendment - the constitutional right to privacy for American citizens. When passing through the full-body scanner, that text appears.

Both the technology behind that full-body scanner and this creative response to it have attracted a lot of attention. The scanners emit high-frequency radio waves that return a realistic image of the human body. In those images, hair and clothing are missing, but metal objects which block the waves will appear. Understandably, the scanners have sparked controversy about privacy.

Apart from sending a very clear message, the Cargo Collective 4th Amendment Wear is interesting for HOW is communicates the message. A performative moment is created out of an otherwise anonymous scenario. Read more at http://cargocollective.com/4thamendment#806188/About

Image from Cargo Collective

Image from Spiegel.de

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