Interiors Birmingham

Catch Melissa, Amelie and Jo in Birmingham this weekend. They will be at the fabulous Designersblock stand celebrating a very exciting event...THE LAUNCH OF OUR ONLINE SHOP!!

The Puff&Flock shop has been popping up at events like the Milan Furniture Fair, the London Design Festival, and most recently on Carnaby street, where we had a bustling Christmas shop. We've enjoyed selling an eclectic variety of independent designer products, from Monstify crochet eyeballs to son of Taro necklaces by the smths.

Some of the products might make you smile, some might make you laugh out loud, some might make you scratch your head - luckily this can all happen while you're at your computer in the privacy of your own home!

Please have a look around at www.puffandflockshop.com, and tell us what you think (shop@puffandflock.com). Or say hi to the superhero web design and curation team (Amelie and Melissa) at Interiors Birmingham:

Puff&Flock at Designersblock, Interiors Birmingham, January 23 - 26 2011

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