Home Sweet Home, Sweet Paumes

Home is a really important place to me. I always flick through magazines with envy when I see amazing houses photoshoot, hoping that one day I will have a house of my own, hoping that one day they will come to my home :) (ok let's get working...) One fine day of November 2010, a very special team of people came into my place in London for a book publication in Japan. The Editions Paumes just released the "Girls Fashion Style London" book this Spring, featuring creative girls' interiors, favourite outfits and accessories.

That is a really nice, girlie and inspiring treasure book, I felt it would be nice to share the few pages about me. I have no idea what it says as it is in Japanese but it looks wonderful :)

Thank you Helena, Hisashi, and Coco from Editions Paumes, for your wizard touch in my little room, and for this amazing present !


  1. I love these books and this collection of images is so you Amelie! fab

  2. :) thanks Jo ! yes it's such an honor to be in one of them !!!! so happy :)