Stuart Melrose + Puff & Flock = playful furniture creatures

When Stuart Melrose approached us to design a few pieces of furniture together, mixing our respective creative universes and technical skills, we were instantly thrilled. We had on our mind to extend the family of character furniture, that Elisabeth and Amelie had started with Sofa So Good a couple of years ago. This was the perfect occasion. On Stuart's initiative a great collaboration was born.

The pieces are on show at the Willis Museum in Basingstoke, UK until the 23rd of July, if you want to go say hello. They are really friendly furniture creatures, just like Stuart and we are, and especially designed for children.

Designed and crafted by Amelie Labarthe, Elisabeth Buecher and Melissa French.

“Medusa” is an inventive way to quickly hide your mess or yourself! Decorative yet practical tentacles hang down from a handy wall cupboard enabling mess to be quickly swept under and hidden from unexpected guests or parents. If you need to hide from an annoying big brother or sister, then quickly dart through the tentacles to a safe den. Survival supplies not included! Tentacles are removable enabling you to keep up with the latest colour trends or to suit your mood.

“Phil Me In”, a chest of drawers with homely helpful arms to pick you up and give you a helping hand to tidy up the mess and put away your clothes. Don’t be fooled by their tough appearance, these gentle biceps are friendly creatures.

Look out because this is not just the end of it, we might plan a little invasion rather soon, in anyway these fellows are open for adoption. Be in touch !

Check out Stuart Melrose's design work, yes you will be impressed but it's nothing compared to meeting the man ! Thank you Stuart for your wonderful spirit and energy.

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