Magnetic Materials for Claudia Ligari's Fashions

It's been awhile since checking in at the P&F blog - where to begin? The past few months have contained lots of inspiration and new projects. Los Angeles is full of creative stories that I hope to share here. Additionally, it would be great to report on some talks and workshops I've done abroad. (This past week, I returned from the ISEA conference in Istanbul. I'm so enamored with that city!)

First things first - a London-based story. Claudia Ligari, the talented young designer who I worked for last Spring, has just introduced the latest collection for her up-and-coming fashion label.

For this collection, I produced a small batch of magnetic fabrics in my LA studio and sent them over to be integrated into some of her designs. All of the fabrics are handmade, using ingredients such as ferrous particles, translucent liquid elastomer, and silk chiffon.

Some are just proofs, but I'm excited to share these fresh visuals of the process, the fabrics, and the finished garments:

all images copyright Claudia Ligari and Jenny Leary 2011

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