The Return of the Siamese Accessories

Spiky (Photo Adam Brown)

The “Siamese Accessories” is series of costumes designed by Elisabeth Buecher of Puff&Flock. First presented at the V&A last September, this performance came back in London for the opening night of the Designersblock's show 2011. Visitors had to pair up to try these costumes on because the "Siamese Accessories" only function if worn by two people at the same time. Participants became Siamese twins and formed surprising creatures. The new pair was invited to learn to move as one organism and even to create a choreography!

Bridgitte (Photo Adam Brown)

The Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance was invited by Designersblock to perform at the opening of their show. The dancers improvised with the costumes throughout the evening.

Rocktopus (Photo Rupert Rand)

Double-tail (Photo Adam Brown)

3 Legs Costume (Photo Laurence Baroini)

Rocktopus being lifted up by the dancers of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for their final.(Photo Rupert Rand)


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