DriDri dream Gelato is with us at Designersblock this week

Puff & Flock is very pleased DriDri accepted the invitation to sell their taste bud gem gelato at the Designersblock venue this September, it is a first ! What is more comforting than finding treasures such as DriDri's exquisite ice cream in London? It is not just a good looking shop front, it is made in the pure Italian tradition, and with the best families of ingredients. You can come and taste it from the DriDri cart, which will be present at Designersblock venue this week.

See it for yourself it is a simple formula, with a strong spirit, it convinced us instantly. The fresh, inviting, minimal looking and colourful menu seems to pop out from the screen to you, with scent and texture. DriDri is like nowhere else, the ones who tried it will tell you, you may get addicted for good and wish DriDri was everywhere!

Adriano, you founded DriDri Gelato, where did the idea come from? was it always a dream you had?

When I was a child I grew up eating gelato everyday multiple times a day from a small shop next to my parent's house. After I left Italy and lived in NY, Paris and London I realised that most of the world was missing that amazing gelato experience I had as a child. So on one on my visits to my parents, I popped in the gelato shop from my childhood and told the owner: "Daniele, we need to bring this gelato to the rest of the world!" So after spending several months twicking the recipes to make them low in fat and uber natural we were ready to open the first shop in London. The name Dri Dri is a nick name from Adriano.

What makes your ice cream so unique, according to you?

The uniqueness of our gelato is in the care of the details. It's our love for this product that makes it so special. First of all we want to make a product that is healthier and more natural then any other product in the market, just like my grandma would make it at home. Second we specifically selected every ingredients after many many tastings (for example before choosing sicilian pistachios we tried 7 or 8 varieties), Third we try to hire staff that shares our passion and is able to communicate our love for gelato to each customer.

What do you think makes so many people like your ice cream? Is there a magic ingredient? Is it purely Italian?

Our gelato and sorbets are freshly made in-store, everyday. It is also made with the best ingredients: All Dri Dri gelato is made with organic milk from English farms. They travel across England, Italy, France and Spain to find the tastiest seasonal fresh fruits grown by trusted farmers and they explore as far as Madagascar and São Tomé to select the best quality cocoa, coffee and vanilla beans.

DriDri gelato is delicious. Is it healthy?

Dri Dri gelato is a healthy treat, very low in fat (on average 6%–8%) compared to other ice creams (on average 18%–24%). The sorbets have 0% fat. They do not use any artificial flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, preservatives or non-natural thickeners, as a result this gelato products have a very clean a full flavour, are light and very easy to digest and do not leave any coating in your mouth.

Is conquering the world with DriDri in your plans? Are you only in London for now?

We definitely would like to open Dri Dri shops all over the world. This year will will continue to focus in London and will launch a home delivery service so people all over town will be able to enjoy our gelato and possibly ordering it from their Iphone through an app! Next year will probably open a couple of shops in a new country... we are deciding now which one it will be.

How do you feel about being connected to a design event?

Dri Dri is born as a crossway between product and design. Our shops, our packaging, our branding in general has a strong design. I strongly believe a good product experience has to be presented and delivered together with a unique identity.

Come and eat DriDri gelato this Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September at Designersblock design show in Farmiloe building, from 12 to 7pm (6pm on Sunday) You will find the DriDri cart in the courtyard near the auction room.

Designersblock at the Farmiloe Building :

Farmiloe Building
34 St John Street
EC1M 4AY London
United Kingdom

Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 10:00 AM -Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 6:00 PM

DriDri also have 2 shops in London :

Dri Dri Notting Hill
is located in
189 Portobello Road
W11 2ED

Dri Dri Chelsea
is located in
Chelsea Farmers Market
125 Sydney Street


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  1. It is certainly very delicious - I tried the pistachio and hazelnut last night. I like that you have labelled it 'comfort'!