Puff & Flock Workshops for DesignersBlock 2011

The Farmiloe Building
34 St John Street  EC1M 4AY

Sunday is Magical Materials day with colour changing and magnetic wonders. We have two workshops tun by Puff & Flock members Kathy Schicker and all the way from L.A via a conference in Turkey, Jenny Leary.

Kathy Schicker
Sunday is the last day of DesignersBlock so the last chance to take a good look around and buy vintage DesignerBlock T-shirts and other fantastic product including the Love London book and home wares range from Barbara Chandler in the Puff Up shop.

Kathy Schicker from Puff & Flock - Colour changing creature workshop
Time: 12-2pm
How Many: 15 people for 2 hours. Please book for your place. 

Kathy Schicker from Puff &Flock is a designer and weaver concerned with colour and light changing fabrics. She created her Woven Light collection of high end colour change textiles while studying on MA Textile Futures at Central St Martins.
Kathy has been teaching textiles at all levels for over a decade and she will be running her workshop for all ages to create fantastic glow in the dark monster broaches or colour-changing creatures.

Kathy will take you through the magic of the different colour changing materials shes uses, how and why they change colour and what they can be used for. Then you will get your chance to play with them and create your own colour-changing creature broach from a range of materials. These could end up being fun, scary or just plain silly, its up to you, but all the magic will be provided, just come along and have fun. A knowledge of basic sewing would be helpful.

A donation of £3 will be asked for to cover material costs.


TO BOOK: http://puffandflockcolourchangingcreatureworkshop.eventbrite.com/

Jenny Leary from Puff & Flock - Magnetic x-rays
Time: 12-6pm
How Many: First come first serve, around 10 people at a time.

Jenny Leary
Drop in for a 20 minute activity that will teach how to see through the magnetic information of train tickets. Each ticket has a black stripe that contains hidden information about where and when the ticket was bought and what the passenger's destination is. Come find out about the secret language that is used to encode those details.

Get your hands dirty with some special materials. To make the print you will be using liquid latex, iron powder and starch in a process that was developed recently for textile design. Add to our collection of prints! We will be accumulating them for an interactive on-site wall art piece.

Jenny is an artist and research based in Los Angles, USA. She created Ferro fabric in 2007 at Central St Martins in London where she holds an MA in design for Textile Futures.
 Her approach synthesizes materials science and textile design. She is particularly interested in how magnetism can change the disciplines. Magnetic fields have the ability to produce uncanny physical effects that grab our imagination.

Jenny holds a BFA in Painting from Cornell University. She writes about innovate materials and boundary-pushing designers on the Puff & Flock blog.


Who: Lucie Libotte - Splintering Crockery, Interactive Wallpaper
Time: 2-6 (See also Sunday 25th)
How Many: Drop in, booking not essential  

Splintering Crockery
Lucie is a designer focusing on transforming walls. Interactivity is a main key of the process allowing various types of navigation, assembly and/or contribution to the work going far beyond purely psychological activity. Each observer makes his own interpretation of the work and it may be completely different to another observer's views. It is important people participate providing an input in order to determine the outcome.

‘Splintering Crockery' is a work based on the notion of public space considered as a social space open and accessible to all. It is an interactive wallpaper redefining the concept of puzzles through a deconstruction and reconstruction process. By creating patterns and shapes that interact with the audience, the purpose is to create a new perception of environments.

Lucie will be in the Puff & Flock / DesignersBlock workshop space Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 2pm giving you the chance to play and create your own wallpaper with sets of ‘Textile’ tiles. 

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