The Aurora Dress

While on the MA in Textile Futures at St Martins we were lucky enough to have electronic workshops with Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, the duo who are fashion company Cute Circuit. They taught us basic circuitry yet the work they produce is anything but. Around this time they had released the Hug shirt, a clever shirt that allowed you to send and receive hugs over long distances using blue tooth, your mobile phone and built in sensors.

We like to keep an eye on their new work, reporting on their success in 2010 after making outfits for Katy Perry. They have just presented a new Haute Couture piece, The Aurora Dress, designed exclusively for an opera performance at an annual event organised and hosted by the Swiss company Breitling. Made from chiffon, silk taffeta and hundreds of Svarovski crystals, the dress incorporates wearable technology that allows the dress to light up, flash and glow creating a stunning sparkling fascinating spectacle. 


Alongside there Haute Couture pieces they have designed exclusively for Selfridges and also produce ready to wear collections available to buy online.

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