Curlicue Coasters

Just in at the Puff & Flock shop: Colour changing Curlicue Coasters by Studio801.

Photography courtesy of Jo Russell Photography
The Curlicue Coasters are the latest product from Studio801 and use concrete, a relatively unusual material for tableware, in conjunction with a laser-cut, heat-sensitive inlay in a pattern based on traditional filigree designs. This inlay work creates the overall surface pattern of the coasters, and also emphasises the material differences between the rawer concrete and the high gloss thermochromic material.

This temperature sensitive material will change colour when hot objects are placed on it, going through a colour spectrum from deep red to dark blue to indicate temperature changes in the range of 25° to 30° and is triggered by direct sources like hot cups, and indirect sources such as the ambient temperature.

The choice of the two materials used for the coasters was critical to their development, as the ease of casting allowed negative space for the inlay to be developed, while the high thermal capacitance of concrete means that the inlay will still be affected long after any heat source has been removed, creating a sense of history of its use.

All images are courtesy of Jo Russell Photography (www.jo-russell.co.uk).

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